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  • The Boy Who Talked With Animals - O. Churchman TES3 (2006)

    The Boy Who Talked With Animals - Roald Dahl
    I chose The Boy Who Talked With Animals because I have already read Roald Dahl and I like this author. There is irony, black humour and emotion.
    This short story deals with a child, David, who loves animals so much. He can communicate with them. (...)

  • English Ghost Stories - A. Coehlo

    English Ghosts Stories (Le livre de poche, lire en anglais) E.Walter :Dual control A.Napes:Midnight Express
    I chose this book first because of its tittle : I am fond of fantastic stories. And secondly it is simply to read, there are english notes in each page in order to help you to (...)

  • Dracula - N. Grégonne TES3 (2006)

    Bram Stoker
    If I chose this book, it’s because there is not a lot of pages because I don’t like reading. But also because I like scary books and I was obliged to choose a book so I chose Dracula.
    Count Dracula is a vampire, he drinks people’s blood. He lives in a lonely castle in the (...)

  • The Underdog - J. Ville TES3 (2006)

    The Under Dog
    Agatha Christie
    If I chose this book, it’s due to the fact that the writer, Agatha Christie is well-known in the whole world through her novels. Its deals with an investigatiion about a murder. There is a great detective, hercule Poirot, the main character in all the stories, (...)

  • British and American Short Stories - C. Janin TES3 (2006)

    Brtish and American Short Stories
    G. C. Thornley
    I chose because I didn’t want to choose a big book because I haven’t a high level in English. So I read the short story " Silas The Good " by H.E. Bates.
    Uncle Silas is a gravedigger. One day he sleeps in the botttom of a grave and when he (...)